From a love of the forest to working with fine materials.

Christian Dalimier discovered his love for wood over 20 years ago during his tours of various areas in the Belgian Ardennes. After studying carpentry and cabinetmaking, he learned how to restore antique furniture from the leading antique dealers in Liege. As a furniture restorer he took part in several antiques and fine arts fairs around the country. He worked for both private customers and antique dealers for a dozen or so years.
The years rolled by.

His encounter with a "major" cabinetmaker in 2001 shattered his concept of restoration, whetting his appetite to extend his field of activities'. He turned to the production of marquetries in various materials for floors, doors,... so as to customise each individual's interior. He also embarked up the creation of jewellery.

Deploying fine materials, Christian Dalimier produces works that may be handed down from one generation to another. Inside this down-to-earth individual is a sensitive artist investing each of his works with a fragment of soul. Material, enthusiasm and time - these are the ingredients featured in Christian Dalimier's "pattern of work"